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*DISCLAIMER* This site is not intended to give legal advice.

However, it is intended to help anyone and everyone who is searching for legal guidance, resources, or applications. Whether you are a small business owner looking for help with contracts, or the average citizen looking for legal forms, or even an attorney looking to utilize technology to become a better lawyer, this site/blog is for everyone.

This blog is merely a stepping stone to a full service website- (hopefully a site with the sole purpose of providing access to legal sources that most people don’t know about.

Everyone needs an attorney- but who can afford that?

Legal Market

The average individual happens to be the biggest market for those with legal needs, but with the smallest budget.  As a result, the biggest market is often overlooked- for the mere fact that there isn’t much money in it.  Attorneys are people too, they have bills and debts just like everyone else.  It makes more sense for an attorney to chase one client who has a $10,000 budget than to chase 500 clients with a $200 budget.

The problem is the traditional “bill by the hour” mentality that attorneys have had historically.  Due to the fact that all lawyers must attend special schooling, be licensed and (somewhat) regulated, and must utilize specialized information makes their time “more valuable”, and at least most attorneys think so. Fortunately, technology is changing the legal landscape, just like it did for doctors (think WebMd) and accountants (TurboTax). Most people associate Legal Zoom as the technical equivalent for attorneys, but that isn’t really accurate.

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The Legal Realm is MASSIVE

There are generally 18 fields of law practice- and all of them can be broken down into niche practices. For the most part, these fields are:

  • Business
  • Employment/Labor
  • Finance & Securities
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Intellectual Property
  • Family
  • Estate (Planning)
  • Tax
  • Criminal
  • Traffic
  • Personal Injury
  • Bankruptcy
  • Civil Litigation
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Digital Media & Internet
  • Entertainment
  • Immigration
  • Malpractice / Professional Responsibility
  • Real Estate

There is only really a few areas of practice the average citizen doesn’t have to worry about; like mergers & acquisitions, professional malpractice, and finance & securities- but the rest- well pretty much anyone and everyone will need legal services in those fields at some time.

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There is a reason there are still attorneys- because legal self help can be dangerous!

Sure most people feel comfortable getting a will made or starting a business with Legal Zoom; but what about all the other legal fields?  Legal Zoom doesn’t offer help with your first home buying experience, nor do they offer help when you have been sexually harassed at work, nor do they tell you what to do when the IRS seizes all your funds.  There isn’t nor will there ever, (I don’t think) and one stop shop for all legal services.  There are just some services that attorneys provide that a website can’t.

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The following posts will break down legal resources, sites, and technologies by user; ex.- the small business owner who needs contract help versus the attorney who wants to utilize technology to become a better lawyer.  Until then, we must be ever mindful.

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