Cloud Computing, Is It Right for Your Business?

A recent study of SMB’s in America showed that 70 percent of IT budgets are typically spent on maintaining current IT infrastructures, and only 30 percent are typically spent on new capabilities.

What does that mean?

It means that most businesses do not or have not developed a business model that allows for the adaptation or adoption of new technologies to assist in business growth.  It has been argued (rightfully so) that all businesses need to consider the power of Cloud Computing, and apply more resources to the many benefits of The Cloud.

What is Cloud Computing?

It is the next big paradigm shift in technology.  Simply put, Cloud Computing is a new consumption and delivery model for information technology and business services characterized by:

  • Ubiquitous network access
  • On-demand self service
  • Location independent resource pooling
  • Pay-per-use
  • Rapid Elasticity and Provisioning

Evolved from grid computing, and building significance in virtualization, networking, and provisioning multi-tenant architectures, Cloud offers a new way of doing business. Utilizing The Cloud, businesses can help provide access to new markets, enable new business models, while creating value within the business by lowering costs.

How can this affect my business?

These value drivers have the potential to transform businesses in the following ways:

  • Providing an open and elastic IT environment
  • Driving business innovation with large numbers of new applications
  • Increasing business responsiveness
  • Lowering cost of ownership and improving asset utilization
  • Enabling real-time data streams and information sharing
  • Providing global resources
  • Optimizing IT investments

Show me what that means….

PSS Enterprises has helped businesses:

  • Reduced hardware costs, resulting in a 65% savings via reduced infrastructure and improved hardware utlitization
  • Saved 27% on licensing costs simply by improved practices
  • System administration savings of 45% by eliminating administration and operating costs
  • 76% savings in labor by reducing service request management.

Proof that using The Cloud will lower capital and operating costs of IT by providing dynamic infrastructure implementation and management automation.

For Example:

The data that the user works with is normally stored on their machine. Using The Cloud, the data is saved in the cloud, not on the machine, so when the laptop is broken, lost, or stolen, all is not lost.

Your employee has suddenly come down with an infection that would wipe out the whole office if they came to work.  With Cloud virtualization, they can login to work from their home PC and work from the comfort of their infectious home.  For that matter, with cloud, all employees could work from home, thus elimiating the need for office overhead.

You are on a business trip. You forgot the CD, thumbdrive, or laptop that had the killer presentation on it.  With Cloud, the data is stored online, you simply access it online from anywhere and forgo the drama.

Cloud Computing is the future of best business practices everywhere. To have a Solutions Specialist consult with you and see how your company can benefit from The Cloud, call us at 1-800-285-2448 or send us an email to  Need a question answered right away?  Go to, and click on the icon in the top left corner of your screen that says “Get online help now!”