Evaluation of New Technologies

Over time, businesses are expected to grow or shrink, shift focus, adapt new technologies, meet new challenges and improve performance through automation.  A system that adapts with the business will save time, frustration, and money.  When trying to determine technologies will adapt with a companies ever changing needs, these factors should be considered:

Over time, your business will grow or shrink, shift focus, adapt new technologies, meet new challenges, and discover new opportunities to reduce costs and improve performance through automation. A system that adapts as you do will save your organization money, time, and frustration.
New challenges can surface almost overnight. You need a reasonably-priced system, that you control, that will quickly adapt. What factors should you consider?


  1. Is there an option to customize this system to fit this businesses need?
  2. Will an API be provided to allow customization and integration?
  3. Are there clearly defined limits?


  1. How quickly can a modification take place to support a new need?
  2. Is it cost effective to manage changes in house?
  3. Can support be provided for modified technologies?


  1. What is the cost ceiling and floor for this technology?
  2. Are there additional costs that need to be considered, such as licenses or upgrades?
  3. Who will support the product and how much does that cost?


  1. Is the technology purchase in question the most sensible choice for today, tomorrow, and X years down the road?
  2. How reliable is the product’s firm?
  3. Will there be access to upgraded software, drivers, etc.. to this product once purchased?

At PSS Enterprises, we help businesses everyday determine the best technology to best fit their needs.  While partnered with several vendors, our consultation takes businesses through the process of acquiring new technology carefully and effectively. Information is the most powerful tool throughout the process, and all options and considerations are presented in a professionally written report, complete with analysis.

If your business is struggling with the decision to upgrade, purchase, or overhaul existing systems, please give us a call for a free needs consultation.

1-800-285-2448 or mail@pssenterprises.com

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