What can Denton IT do for you?

Denton IT is a one stop shop for your company’s technical and communications needs. Denton IT provides network support services and web development services to a wide range of clients in many different verticals. By having our own Data Center we are able to offer best in class solutions to our customers through our core infrastructure solutions. Our team focuses on new technology and solutions to help our customer drive their business. We can offer your company many services such as: 
Business and Technology Analysis: Our consultants can provide you with a professionally prepared analysis with a situational assessment, key recommendations, a project timeline, and a budget estimate for the project. Whether it is determining root cause issues and remedies to planning for a major technology implementation or migration, we can methodically review and assess your present situation and provide you with a path to success.

Web Development: If you have a need for developing and maintaining website or content, we can provide you with a cost effective solution. Our developers work with you to understand your needs and find a solution that helps your web presence stand out from the crowd. 

Unified CommunicationsOur team of Communications experts can provide powerful insight before one of the most costly purchases most businesses make, the phone system. Denton IT has several partners in the UC industry and our technicians know what system will match with your businesses needs.

PNK BOX:Network security and virus protection is critical in today’s environment. Protecting your data is paramount. We can provide you with our custom built security design service, the needed hardware and software, policy and procedural implementation with the PNK Box, as well as ongoing monitoring and change control services.

Denton IT employs a strong solutions framework that relies on extensive industry experience, enabling us to provide the best computer consulting services in North Texas.
At Denton IT, we utilize our experience, expertise, and partnerships with leaders in the computer networking industry to help you lower costs by leveraging new technology. Our Technicians hold the most prestigious technical certifications in the industry and have extensive experience in the real world of computer networking consulting. We’ve served a number of small to medium size businesses in North Texas and nationwide and take pride in our customer satisfaction.
We want to be the one you call when you need assistance.  1-800-285-2448

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What does it mean to “Add Value” to your company?

The competitive marketplace has companies stumbling over each other for business. This is certainly true in the Information Technology field. New IT firms appear overnight and many are gone just as quickly. What should a company look for when determining if they need Technical Outsourcing or who should do it?

Look for the company that “Adds Value.”

What separates the masses of IT Firms? Certifications, years of experience, staff, hours of operations, price, and namely, reputation. What if you had a company that offered everything mentioned above but added one main component that competitors often overlook, VALUE.

When it comes to determining value, it is best to look at age-old business practices. Getting the most for the money. Whether it is services, products, project management, or accountability, is your provider giving you the most they can at a price that is beyond your expectations? If not, the company has fallen to another age-old business practice, being fleeced.

Evaluate current needs. Money spent on technology service and what is being offered at that price. Contracts, Service Level Agreements, or other inflexible documents that do not evolve with the technology needs of tomorrow. Then call Denton IT. Their solutions specialists will arrange for a Business Expert to come to your place of business, understand your needs and expectations, design a solution, and execute.

One call can shift the paradigm. 1-800-285-2448. Check us out on the web, http://www.dentonit.com for more information. Find out what adding VALUE can do to a company.

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