4 Simple Steps to Help Your Business Develop

Business owners are innovators, leaders, and scapegoats of today’s society.  Every business owner has 3 main thoughts that drive them out of bed everyday and become the productive member that they are. 

One: They know that people need or want their products and/or services.

Two: People depend on them.  From the best customer to employees, a business owner is not an island.

Three: People want to give them money.

Of those three thoughts, it is the third thought that is the most intriguing.  The great question is WHO is it that wants to give them money and WHY.   Marketing 101 tells the owner their MARKET is WHO wants to give them money. WHY is answered with their PRODUCTS or SERVICES.  PSS Enterprises is offering business owners 4 simple ways to help develop their business so that the market is aware of their product.


1. WEBSITE- Businesses today without a website are deemed (sometimes unnecessarily) untrustworthy.  There are a variety of reasons that businesses do not have websites.  The fact remains that today’s consumer expects to be able to check a business out online before spending their money.

2. SEO-  Search Engine Optimization.  SEO is key to letting the world know about products and services.  The costs associated with SEO varies and can be set on a budget.  Utilizing page rank and repetition, SEO puts the company name, product, or service at the top of the webpage, where consumers are likely to click first.

3. Mass Listings-Simular to SEO, mass listings puts the company name, address, phone number, and web page on multiple directories.  The repetition of information in conjunction of backlinks create stronger, more credible web presence.

4. Public Relations- PR events still work in today’s digital world. A professionally written press release informing the public of a product or skillfully designed marketing piece will reach a demographic of the market that values traditional marketing.  Community events, volunterism, and social events bolster market presence. 

PSS Enterprises has marketing packages that fit any budget and every marketing package is uniquely designed for each client.  Mention “DENTON IT” for 10% off of your final bill!! Call 1-800-285-2448 today to speak with a Solutions Specialist who are trained to identify your market and know how to exploit your products and services.

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Through the Internet, students now have the world at their finger tips. Along with its many riches, students must also navigate a mine field of distractions and hazards. Many schools and libraries can count on PNK Box to help them keep their students safe while on the Internet and focused on learning. In particular, PNK Box can assist schools and libraries in:

  1. Keeping inappropriate content out of the classroom and computer lab
  2. Creating a safe learning environment
  3. Achieving CIPA compliance
  4. Qualify for E-Rate funding
  5. Protecting computers from spyware, viruses, and other malware
  • Dynamic Web Filter – Filter websites by critical categories for CIPA such as Pornography, Illegal Drugs, Dating, and Hate and Aggression, as well as manage access to web mail, shopping, proxies, and other sites.
    • Control Internet usage based on 53 categories that covers over 100 million URLs.
    • URLs that have not been seen before are processed and classified in real-time, allowing you to stay one step ahead of your students.
    • Block https/ssl sessions by IP, thwarting a popular work around for standard web filtering solutions.
  • Control Instant Messenger and other P2P applications – port hopping applications such as instant messenger and bit torrent can bypass standard firewall rules, consume network traffic, introduce malware, and open a door for child predators. PNK Box allows you to control these applications and set reasonable restrictions for your network.
  • Block Viruses, Spyware, Spam, Phish, and Other Malware – PNK Box scans all traffic including http and ftp for viruses, worms, spyware, phishing, and other threats to protect your network and the personal information of your students.
  • Monitoring – PNK Box Reports lets you see who’s doing what on your network, including reporting by active directory user name. This lets you monitor for violations of your acceptable use policy and identify suspect behavior.
  • Policy Management – Create an unlimited number of web usage policies based on user and/or time of day, including rules appropriate for teacher, staff, and students as well as different age groups.

PNK Box is a great tool for the educational community and is priced per user.  Call today for a free quote. 1-800-285-2448

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