Need to increase productivity and cut costs? PSS Enterprises has your solution.

 PSS Enterprises has several business to business solutions to assist small and medium sized business owners in these tough times. Technology, Human Resources, Accounting, SEO, Websites, and more.  See what we can offer you today!
    Denton IT is PSS Enterprises’ Technology Department.  Denton IT offers a range of services from outsourcing technical support, to on-site resolutions.  Upgrades, Server maintenance, PBX, Unified Communications, IP Telephony, VoIP, Cabling, Security, and much more. Call for your free technology/productivity assessment. 
    PNK Box- Denton IT is the proud creator of the PNK Box, the Ultimate Threat Management Gateway. This product will protect one of the most costly assets of any business, the technology at the internet gateway level.  Fend off vicious spyware, malware, viruses, SPAM, and everything else that is trying to take your company down.  Control employee productivity and protect your company from lawsuits by blocking inappropriate websites.  Call today for more details.
    PSS Enterprises offers great outsourcing for Human Resources, OSHA compliance, A/R Management and Property Management.  Instead of paying full price for employee overhead, see what outsourcing can save you. Mention “PowerPaks” for our discount services. Call 1-800-285-2448 today and let a solutions specialist walk you through the money saving process. 

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Business Owners-Regain Control of your Business!

If you have 2 or more employees who have computer access, you need the PNK Box. This Ultimate Threat Management Gateway tool will help you on three platforms.

First- Gateway Protection! The PNK Box basically filters the Internet before it reaches your PC. Spyware, Malware, Phising, Virus, Worms, and all the other harmful components designed to kill performance and steal data-GONE!.
Second-Management Control. In this “social age” that we are in, everyone, that includes your employees, feels the need to stay up to date. Have you ever wondered how much time and productivity was lost because your employee was on Facebook updating their status, or Tweeting to their friends what a horrible boss you are? All you are asking is an honest days work for an honest days pay. You can get that with PNK Box. You control what can be viewed or blocked in this system.
Third-Accountability. With PNK Box you get the reports that matter. How much easier will it be to see if your sales rep is really doing sales research at his monthly review when you have a report in your hand that shows he logs 4 hours a day on ESPN?  Or that employee that always stays late and goes the extra mile. Now you can have the piece of mind that they really are the stellar employee they show to be.
It’s time to reclaim the workforce. PNK Box is not a “spy tool” to keep tabs on employees. It is designed to protect your company data and keep operations secure. It has the ability to create reports with general data to specific employee data. Pricing is based on how may computer users you have. Call for a free quote today. 1-800-285-2448 ext 1.

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