PNK BOX is the revolutionary, patent-pending technology that offers Unified Threat Management and Unified Communications on one platform.  The PNK BOX is a Gateway Security Management tool that allows companys’ to have greater control of the company’s internet users and abusers.  Take into consideration that study’s show 60% of all employees admit to wasting their employers time on the internet, a whopping 70% say they spend 2 or more hours on social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace. Employers are seeing the results in a lack of profits and productivity.  For those who need to take back their company, PNK BOX offers them a customized solution to this problem.  Included in the PNK BOX are various types of firewalls, spam blockers and other malware prevention tools.  For a demo, ask your Solutions Specialist today when you call 1-800-285-2448 to schedule your free consultation.
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