PSS Enterprises offers a cutting edge technology team.  Our experts offer a wide array of services.  Although all of the services are not listed here, you can call us at 1-800-285-2448 if you do not see a service you need assistance with.
Technical Support-
PSS Enterprises saves companies time and money by outsourcing their IT department with us.  Our technicians are always on call, and help is just one call away.  Whether it is monthly maintanence, server repair or upgrade, Blackberry crashes or any other technical disaster, our technology team can will tackle the issue at hand.  You can pay by the hour for as needed technical support, or purchase a PowerPak to save even more.   Ask your Solutions Specialist today for your free consultation.
Managed IT-
Managed IT services take Technical Support to the next level.  Instead of having an on-site staff member eating away at payroll, our team of experts are remotely connected to your company 24/7.  Should a problem arise, we can login to your system from anywhere in the world to resolve your issue quickly.  We offer more than what you expect from a Service Level Agreement with any other IT company, we offer a peace of mind that your company’s technology is monitored constantly, leaving you time to build your business. Ask your Solutions Specialist today for your free consultation.
Branded Help Desk-
PSS Enterprises offers Branded Help Desk Solutions for Small & Medium Sized Businesses.  Our Branded Help Desk offers these company’s a way to provide a call center enviorment for their customers.  Your customer will dial your company’s help/support phone number where it rings to us, and we answer using your company’s information, assist the customer, log the support, and pass this information to you.  Ask your Solutions Specialist today for your free consultation.
Our Administration team is responsible for everything from network admin to data conversions, to server upgrades.  Developed on a project basis or managed monthly, Administration services allow for one finger to be on the pulse of your IT, leaving you time to develop new business.  Ask your Solutions Specialist today for your free consultation.
PSS Enterprises understands that technology is expensive and making a decision about techology or devices could make or break a company. So how do you know you are getting the latest and greatest software?  How can you tell is the software you are looking at is the best for the industry you are in?  What about servers, phones, computers, laptops, or any other expensive piece of equipment your company needs to thrive?  PSS Enterprises offers consulting to help you resolve your needs, often exceeding expectations and saving you money.  Before you buy, call your Solutions Specialist today for your free consultation, it could save you time and money.
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