What is SIP and it’s effect on Business?

          After advertising our $30 SIP trunks, the email boxes were jammed with questions.  What is a SIP trunk, what does it do, how can I get one, is it okay if I don’t have one, and the most humorous question, were we misspelling ZIP as SIP? To clarify all these and more, read on. 
          SIP, or Session Initiated Protocol, is a vessel in which voice, data, and video pass over an IP (internet) line. VoIP, Conferencing, Application Integration, Instant Messaging, Email, and Calendar, are just a few of the everyday workspace applications we use that are transported via SIP.  
           For example, PSS Enterprises installs a new Response point system in the office. There is a base unit and 6 phone devices.  All of the phone devices connect and communicate to the base unit via SIP connection.       
         These phone devices have the standard operating options we have become accustomed to such as hold, park call, transfer call, and conference.  Each Response Point phone device has a bright blue button in the phone. This button, when pushed, enables to the phone to connect to the base and initiates a speech recognition system.  The end user then speaks the instruction to the phone, the voice command is carried to the base unit via SIP, the command is processed and the resulting action is sent via SIP.  
            So to recap, a SIP trunk is a device that allows you to move voice, data, and video over the internet from one device to another.  Any company that wants to advance their technology and potential uses should have one.  To get a SIP trunk, call 1-800-285-2448, option 1. A technical consultant will then assist you or an email can be sent to mail@pssenterprises.com and we will contact you. 

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