Web Applications Cut Company Costs Significantly

Cutting costs is good advice in any economy. Even when times are good you really shouldn’t be paying for things you don’t need, or paying more than necessary for the things you do need. But when money gets tight you want to be sure you’re using what you have more efficiently.  How do you know if you are using technology to your financial advantage? 


Some businesses are moving away from purchasing technology that requires software and/or hardware. Web-based services are a “pay-as-you-use” platform that eliminates the need for large up-front costs, high maintenance fees, and ongoing support costs. All web-based applications are supported by the vendors, and are usually the most current application on the market. 

For example, most companies still use faxes. One way to save the cost of a machine, toner, and paper (go green!) is to sign up for an Internet fax service. With this service, companies can send and receive faxes on a PC, laptop or mobile device — no additional machine required. You can also eliminate the cost of the fax-phone line since all faxes will be sent and received over the Internet connection you already have. Since the files come in electronically you’ll be able to cut way back on your paper costs as well; and store all the data electronically for easy retrieval. 


A more complex example would be applications such as a contact management or e-mail campaign management system provide even greater savings because you’re eliminating the need to maintain both hardware and software. Typically a business application purchase includes installation onto a server or servers (depending on the application and the size of your organization). But moving to a Web-based model greatly reduces your overall costs. The big up-front cost for hardware and software is replaced by a small monthly fee saving time and money while assuring you’re benefiting from the software’s latest features. Should a technical issue arise, one call to PSS Enterprises resolves the issue.  Call today to speak to a solutions specialist to see how you can save money using Web Applications.




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