Not Your Typical Phone System

In today’s economy, it is not enough to make do with what you have, stretch staff to a breaking point, or squeeze every drop of toner from it’s cartridge to make ends meet.  In this atmosphere, a successful office is one that proficently productive.  Making a small improvement to the office, such as a new phone system, could exponentially increase production, ease staff burdens, and create a positive work environment.  This new phone system is not really a phone system at all.  Please evaluate the following:

Can your current phone system do the following:

  • Auto Transfer via Voice Command?
  • Interact with Microsoft Outlook
  • Create a spreadsheet of all the inbound, outbound, and missed calls

Why not a phone system that: 

  • Show which employees are on a call, idle, or making sales calls
  • Sends your voicemail as an email to you
  • Have one button that controls transfers, departments, and pages
  • Creates spreadsheets and exports them to Excel for easy to read data analysis

This is not a phone system, but rather IP network devices that accompany your PC.  It works with the computer to maximize production. Interested?  For a free demo, call 1-800-285-2448 or email and a Solutions Specialist will schedule an appointment.

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