6 Reasons To Use Google Applications

Google applications are the latest and greatest thing since the cell phone. Google has made it easy for anyone to utilize their applications for personal, business, and corporate uses. The best reason to use Google applications are the prices, from free to nominal fees. The six real reasons are the services that you get from these applications.

All email basically works the same. There is an inbox, outbox, sent items, deleted, and archive. The difference lies in the storage, setup, and usability. Some great features of using Gmail include:

  • 25 GB of storage
  • Advanced search
  • Labeling
  • Message Threading
  • Integrated text
  • Voice/Video chat
  • Personalize your Gmail account to your domain name.com instead of gmail.com

Anyone who is productive utilizes their time wisely. Meetings are scheduled for a reason, appointments are set on purpose. For those who value their time, Google Calendar was made. With Google calendar, one can:

  • Integrate with Outlook
  • Access it on your phone
  • Make real time updates and appointments
  • Personalize all users to share a calendar, controlling the seen and available data
  • Assign colors per team member to give an easy visual of meetings, appointments, and available time

Google Sites
Google has created great applications to help develop shared sites. This is especially true for those who need to share data, like project managers. With Google sites:

  • There are no licenses to buy per user
  • No hardware or software
  • You can take notes, share data, and allow all collaborators to work simultaneously creating real time adjustments and information
  • Control the data that is shown, shared, and edited

Google Docs
Who can get any work done without using a word processor, a spreadsheet, or a presentation? Google docs utilizes all these programs so people can work anywhere there is Internet access, or work in the offline mode and update everything when back online. Use docs that are similar if not better than:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • One can even make forms, questionnaires, and surveys, then share them in the company docs and everyone can contribute and add to it without having to email new copies of responses to everyone.

Google Video
With Google Video, companies can enjoy having their own personal “YouTube” interoffice. Whether the CEO wants to share the latest news, or marketing wants to spread the word on a new product with Google video you can:

  • Share Videos safely and securely
  • Store, create, and share videos for training, safety, or marketing
  • No infrastructure is required

Google Talk
Why wait all day for a response from a coworker who hasn’t gotten around to checking their email? Send an instant message for instant satisfaction. Google Talk gives the ability to:

  • Instant Message
  • Video Chat
  • Voice Chat

Google Applications were designed with the working individual in mind. Gone are the days when you had to pay for software, a license, and permissions to get work done. Google Applications can be customized to fit an office of two or a corporation. PSS Enterprises are Google Application experts and are here to create a solution to fit any size business. Call 1-800-285-2448 to speak with a solutions specialist or email google@pssenterprises.

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