What is Microsoft Response Point Syspine® Digital Operator Phone System?


What is Syspine® Digital Operator Phone System?

Syspine Digital Operator Phone System A lot of work has been put into the design of the Syspine Digital Operator Phone System to deliver a very cost effective business communications solution which can operate on existing LAN cabling infrastructure. The Digital Operator System A50 (DOS-A50) is an IP-PBX phone system designed for growing small businesses with up to 50 desktops.

Syspine Digital Operator Phone System is powered by Microsoft Response Point. Syspine is the Microsoft certificated hardware vendor for Response Point software and pioneered a compact, server-grade, fan-less design to provide the most reliable VoIP Phone system for small business.

What is Microsoft® Response Point™?

Microsoft Response Point Microsoft Response Point is advanced phone system software designed specifically for small businesses that have 1 to 50 employees. The unique voice-enabled user interface instantly connects employees and customers with the people or information they need. With the entire system in one affordable package and support for both traditional phone service and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), Syspine Response Point phone systems are easy to use, and a great investment for any small business.

How It Works

Businesses now have a cost effective, reliable, and space saving design that is quiet, cool and energy efficient. Syspine’s unique “All-In-One” compact server can be placed on the desk or wall mounted based on the customer’s needs. The Syspine DOS-A50 is truly designed for fast installation and set up.

Syspine Digital Operator Phone System is easy to install in the existing office network. The built-in analog line ports provide plug and play access to existing PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) analog phone lines. The Syspine IP Phone 310 can be daisy-chain connected with the personal computer without re-wiring the LAN cable or additional expense of new LAN phone jacks. If Syspine is configured with a private VPN to a remote office, the Syspine IP Phone 310 and its associated PC Assistant can access the same home office features and phone lines as if the user was working just “down the hall”.

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