Are You a Project Manager?

Are you the task manager of projects for your company? Do you regularly coordinate project tasks with others? Now you can leverage the power of Google’s Gadgets for Spreadsheets to view task schedules in a basic Gantt Chart format.

Combining Google’s Spreadsheets with Gantt Gadget lets you efficiently plan and track activity schedules online. There’s nothing like using the graphical layout of a Gantt Chart to simplify decision-making, streamline communication, and provide schedule visibility to other stakeholders – whether they are clients, senior managers, or outside contractors.

With Google’s collaborative permissions (built in the Gadget framework) it’s simple to control who can read or edit the data in the spreadsheet. Also, you have the handy option of sharing status updates with others by publishing your Gantt schedule as a Gadget in iGoogle or any other webpage that accommodates iframes

PSS Enterprises makes it easy to create a Gantt Chart by providing column-chooser menus to specify your spreadsheet data for Task Name, Start Date, Finish Date, and Percentage Complete. PSS Enterprises shows you how to display your task schedule using the duration between Start Dates and Finish Dates, and graphically tracks the completion percentage on each task. You also have the option of creating graphical links to show dependencies relationships of Predecessor tasks. The timescale of the Gantt Gadget can quickly be adjusted to display the task schedule in Days, Weeks, Months or Quarters.
Designed for consultants, contractors, managers, and easy to use, read, and interpret. You will wonder how you got along without it! Call PSS Enterprises today at 1-800-285-2448 and your Solutions Specialist can help you get started!! Too busy to call?  Email us at and we will call you!!
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