Web Applications Cut Company Costs Significantly

Cutting costs is good advice in any economy. Even when times are good you really shouldn’t be paying for things you don’t need, or paying more than necessary for the things you do need. But when money gets tight you want to be sure you’re using what you have more efficiently.  How do you know if you are using technology to your financial advantage? 


Some businesses are moving away from purchasing technology that requires software and/or hardware. Web-based services are a “pay-as-you-use” platform that eliminates the need for large up-front costs, high maintenance fees, and ongoing support costs. All web-based applications are supported by the vendors, and are usually the most current application on the market. 

For example, most companies still use faxes. One way to save the cost of a machine, toner, and paper (go green!) is to sign up for an Internet fax service. With this service, companies can send and receive faxes on a PC, laptop or mobile device — no additional machine required. You can also eliminate the cost of the fax-phone line since all faxes will be sent and received over the Internet connection you already have. Since the files come in electronically you’ll be able to cut way back on your paper costs as well; and store all the data electronically for easy retrieval. 


A more complex example would be applications such as a contact management or e-mail campaign management system provide even greater savings because you’re eliminating the need to maintain both hardware and software. Typically a business application purchase includes installation onto a server or servers (depending on the application and the size of your organization). But moving to a Web-based model greatly reduces your overall costs. The big up-front cost for hardware and software is replaced by a small monthly fee saving time and money while assuring you’re benefiting from the software’s latest features. Should a technical issue arise, one call to PSS Enterprises resolves the issue.  Call today to speak to a solutions specialist to see how you can save money using Web Applications.




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Technology that Effects the Bottom Line

Does your technology effect the bottom line?  Of course it does.  Every time an employee picks up the phone, sends and email, or even faxes, it adds or subtracts from the bottom line.  Melding  new and old technology takes tremendous effort and at times, extravagant costs, for very little improvement.  How can one know if they have the best software application for their workload, or the right CRM for the sales office? Sometimes a simple memory upgrade in all the PC’s would maximize efficiency.  Where does this information come from, how are these conclusions drawn?
PSS Enterprises has a team of Technology Experts who constantly train, study, and utilize the newest software, hardware, and IT services available.  Their free initial consultation will assess currently used software and technology, provide a customized solution, and discuss the monetary aspects of changing technologies.  Based on the recommendation given, our experts can implement, install, and manage the changes and transfer of data and technology.  Service Level Agreements can be arranged for Managed IT services for extended periods of time. 
Call 1-800-285-2448 or email PSS Entereprises at mail@pssenterprises.com to make contact with a Solutions Specialist to arrange your consultation. Mention “PowerPaks” to receive a discount.
Start effecting the bottom line, the right way, today.

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Not Your Typical Phone System

In today’s economy, it is not enough to make do with what you have, stretch staff to a breaking point, or squeeze every drop of toner from it’s cartridge to make ends meet.  In this atmosphere, a successful office is one that proficently productive.  Making a small improvement to the office, such as a new phone system, could exponentially increase production, ease staff burdens, and create a positive work environment.  This new phone system is not really a phone system at all.  Please evaluate the following:

Can your current phone system do the following:

  • Auto Transfer via Voice Command?
  • Interact with Microsoft Outlook
  • Create a spreadsheet of all the inbound, outbound, and missed calls

Why not a phone system that: 

  • Show which employees are on a call, idle, or making sales calls
  • Sends your voicemail as an email to you
  • Have one button that controls transfers, departments, and pages
  • Creates spreadsheets and exports them to Excel for easy to read data analysis

This is not a phone system, but rather IP network devices that accompany your PC.  It works with the computer to maximize production. Interested?  For a free demo, call 1-800-285-2448 or email mail@pssenterprises.com and a Solutions Specialist will schedule an appointment.

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How Google Analytics Can Catapult Sales




    How do sales managers know if their campaigns are working? Profits are not necessarily a true indication of success.  Great salesperson’s know that tracking the results of each sales campaign data will tell the true success.  Jay Levinson, author of Guerrilla Marketing, devotes a whole chapter in his books to the importance of sales data analysis to assist you in finding the most profitable and successful sales campaigns.  Google Analytics offers a host of compelling features and benefits for everyone from senior executives and advertising and marketing professionals to site owners and content developers. With 15 different tools to help you analyze your data, there is no excuse for narrowing down your scope to specific targets. Here is a brief overview of all the different tools one can utilize. 


Motion Charts

Motion Charts add sophisticated multi-dimensional analysis to most Google Analytics reports. Select metrics for the x-axis, y-axis, bubble size, and bubble color and view how these metrics interact over time. Choose the metrics you want to compare and expose data relationships that would be difficult to see in traditional reports.



Custom Reports

Create, save, and edit custom reports that present the information you want to see organized in the way you want to see it. A drag and drop interface lets you select the metrics you want and define multiple levels of sub-reports. Once created, each custom report is available for as long as you want it.




Fast Implementation

Paste the Google Analytics tracking code into each of your website pages and tracking begins immediately.




Keyword and Campaign Comparison

Track and compare all your ads, email newsletters, affiliate campaigns, referrals, paid links, and keywords on Google and other search engines.




Custom Dashboards

No more digging through reports. Put all the information you need on a custom Dashboard that you can email to others.




AdWords Integration

Buy keywords on Google AdWords and use Google Analytics to learn which keywords are most profitable to your business




Internal Site Search

Find out how your visitors search your site, what they look for, and where they end up.





Find out whether your site usage metrics underperform or outperform those of your industry vertical. Opt-in benchmarking compares your key metrics against aggregate performance metrics while preserving the confidentiality of your data.




Trend and Date Slider

Compare time periods and select date ranges without losing sight of long term trends.



Funnel Visualization

Find out which pages result in lost conversions and where your would-be customers go.



Site Overlay

See traffic and conversion information for every link as you browse your site. (no download required).




Email reports

Schedule or send personalized report emails that contain exactly the information you want to share.



Benefits of using Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you find out what keywords attract your most desirable prospects, what advertising copy pulled the most responses, and what landing pages and content make the most money for you.



Sophisticated Analytics.

Google Analytics has all the features you’d expect from a high-end analytics offering. It also provides tightly integrated AdWords support, so you can view AdWords ROI metrics without having to import cost data or add keyword tracking codes.

Easy to use.

Google Analytics is easy to use for novice marketers, while delivering all of the capabilities that experienced web analytics professionals expect.

Scalable for any size site.

Google Analytics is a hosted service that runs on the same servers that power Google. From large, high-traffic corporate sites to small sites, Google Analytics delivers consistent service.

Integrated with AdWords.

If you have an AdWords account, you can use Google Analytics directly from the AdWords interface. Google Analytics also calculates ROI metrics from automatically imported cost and keyword tracking data, saving you time.

Tracks all campaigns.

Google Analytics tracks all online campaigns, from emails to keywords, regardless of search engine or referral source.


Google takes the security very seriously, and is pledged to safeguard the privacy of your corporate data. We understand that web analytics data is sensitive information, so we accord it the ironclad protection it deserves.

Data Integrity

Hosted at Google’s global data centers, Google Analytics leads the industry in data integrity and protection. Google Analytics has always used first party cookies to ensure consistent tracking.

Part of a Larger Google Product Suite

Google Analytics is part of a Google ecosystem that includes products such as AdWords, AdSense, Website Optimizer, DoubleClick, Internal Site Search, TV Ads, Audio Ads, Analytics for Blogs, Checkout, webmaster solutions, and more.

Support and Professional Services


PSS Enterprises is dedicated to providing the quickest, most reliable support to all our customers.  Call 1-800-285-2448 or email google@pssenterprises.com for 24/7 support. 






For the most comprehensive tools available, scalable to any size company, PSS Enterprises offers Google Solutions.  Call 1-800-285-2448 to speak with a solutions specialist or email google@pssenterprises.com to receive a customized solution.  











*Citations: www.google.com/analytics (June 13, 2009)

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6 Reasons To Use Google Applications

Google applications are the latest and greatest thing since the cell phone. Google has made it easy for anyone to utilize their applications for personal, business, and corporate uses. The best reason to use Google applications are the prices, from free to nominal fees. The six real reasons are the services that you get from these applications.

All email basically works the same. There is an inbox, outbox, sent items, deleted, and archive. The difference lies in the storage, setup, and usability. Some great features of using Gmail include:

  • 25 GB of storage
  • Advanced search
  • Labeling
  • Message Threading
  • Integrated text
  • Voice/Video chat
  • Personalize your Gmail account to your domain name.com instead of gmail.com

Anyone who is productive utilizes their time wisely. Meetings are scheduled for a reason, appointments are set on purpose. For those who value their time, Google Calendar was made. With Google calendar, one can:

  • Integrate with Outlook
  • Access it on your phone
  • Make real time updates and appointments
  • Personalize all users to share a calendar, controlling the seen and available data
  • Assign colors per team member to give an easy visual of meetings, appointments, and available time

Google Sites
Google has created great applications to help develop shared sites. This is especially true for those who need to share data, like project managers. With Google sites:

  • There are no licenses to buy per user
  • No hardware or software
  • You can take notes, share data, and allow all collaborators to work simultaneously creating real time adjustments and information
  • Control the data that is shown, shared, and edited

Google Docs
Who can get any work done without using a word processor, a spreadsheet, or a presentation? Google docs utilizes all these programs so people can work anywhere there is Internet access, or work in the offline mode and update everything when back online. Use docs that are similar if not better than:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • One can even make forms, questionnaires, and surveys, then share them in the company docs and everyone can contribute and add to it without having to email new copies of responses to everyone.

Google Video
With Google Video, companies can enjoy having their own personal “YouTube” interoffice. Whether the CEO wants to share the latest news, or marketing wants to spread the word on a new product with Google video you can:

  • Share Videos safely and securely
  • Store, create, and share videos for training, safety, or marketing
  • No infrastructure is required

Google Talk
Why wait all day for a response from a coworker who hasn’t gotten around to checking their email? Send an instant message for instant satisfaction. Google Talk gives the ability to:

  • Instant Message
  • Video Chat
  • Voice Chat

Google Applications were designed with the working individual in mind. Gone are the days when you had to pay for software, a license, and permissions to get work done. Google Applications can be customized to fit an office of two or a corporation. PSS Enterprises are Google Application experts and are here to create a solution to fit any size business. Call 1-800-285-2448 to speak with a solutions specialist or email google@pssenterprises.

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What is Microsoft Response Point Syspine® Digital Operator Phone System?


What is Syspine® Digital Operator Phone System?

Syspine Digital Operator Phone System A lot of work has been put into the design of the Syspine Digital Operator Phone System to deliver a very cost effective business communications solution which can operate on existing LAN cabling infrastructure. The Digital Operator System A50 (DOS-A50) is an IP-PBX phone system designed for growing small businesses with up to 50 desktops.

Syspine Digital Operator Phone System is powered by Microsoft Response Point. Syspine is the Microsoft certificated hardware vendor for Response Point software and pioneered a compact, server-grade, fan-less design to provide the most reliable VoIP Phone system for small business.

What is Microsoft® Response Point™?

Microsoft Response Point Microsoft Response Point is advanced phone system software designed specifically for small businesses that have 1 to 50 employees. The unique voice-enabled user interface instantly connects employees and customers with the people or information they need. With the entire system in one affordable package and support for both traditional phone service and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), Syspine Response Point phone systems are easy to use, and a great investment for any small business.

How It Works

Businesses now have a cost effective, reliable, and space saving design that is quiet, cool and energy efficient. Syspine’s unique “All-In-One” compact server can be placed on the desk or wall mounted based on the customer’s needs. The Syspine DOS-A50 is truly designed for fast installation and set up.

Syspine Digital Operator Phone System is easy to install in the existing office network. The built-in analog line ports provide plug and play access to existing PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) analog phone lines. The Syspine IP Phone 310 can be daisy-chain connected with the personal computer without re-wiring the LAN cable or additional expense of new LAN phone jacks. If Syspine is configured with a private VPN to a remote office, the Syspine IP Phone 310 and its associated PC Assistant can access the same home office features and phone lines as if the user was working just “down the hall”.

Content provided by www.syspine.com



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Are You a Project Manager?

Are you the task manager of projects for your company? Do you regularly coordinate project tasks with others? Now you can leverage the power of Google’s Gadgets for Spreadsheets to view task schedules in a basic Gantt Chart format.

Combining Google’s Spreadsheets with Gantt Gadget lets you efficiently plan and track activity schedules online. There’s nothing like using the graphical layout of a Gantt Chart to simplify decision-making, streamline communication, and provide schedule visibility to other stakeholders – whether they are clients, senior managers, or outside contractors.

With Google’s collaborative permissions (built in the Gadget framework) it’s simple to control who can read or edit the data in the spreadsheet. Also, you have the handy option of sharing status updates with others by publishing your Gantt schedule as a Gadget in iGoogle or any other webpage that accommodates iframes

PSS Enterprises makes it easy to create a Gantt Chart by providing column-chooser menus to specify your spreadsheet data for Task Name, Start Date, Finish Date, and Percentage Complete. PSS Enterprises shows you how to display your task schedule using the duration between Start Dates and Finish Dates, and graphically tracks the completion percentage on each task. You also have the option of creating graphical links to show dependencies relationships of Predecessor tasks. The timescale of the Gantt Gadget can quickly be adjusted to display the task schedule in Days, Weeks, Months or Quarters.
Designed for consultants, contractors, managers, and easy to use, read, and interpret. You will wonder how you got along without it! Call PSS Enterprises today at 1-800-285-2448 and your Solutions Specialist can help you get started!! Too busy to call?  Email us at google@pssenterprises.com and we will call you!!
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