Great Technical Writing Makes for Great Results

When one thinks of technical writing what do they think of? Those useless manuals that come with our DVD player, the how-to forms on government documents, or maybe even a business plan? The truth is all of those are considered technical writing documents. The problem with technical writing is that most think that these pieces are boring and wordy to the point of useless. I know for a fact that a well written business plan could be the difference between receiving $500,000 small business loan or $1,000,000 small business loan. A well written employee handbook could be the only thing that keeps your company away from lawsuits by current or previous employees. Safety manuals, detailed job descriptions, and employee handbooks are vital to any organization.
PSS Enterprises has a whole division devoted to Technical Writing. Are are just a few of the catagories of literary works we provide services for:

Business Plans
Marketing Plans
Hierarchy and Flow Charts
Employee Job Descriptions, complete with PPE requirements
Employee Handbooks, Manuals
Technical Manuals
Instruction Books
Fire, Emergency Evacuation Plans and Maps
First Aid Instructions
Product Descriptions
Warning Labels
Consumer Information Packets per Product
Ghost Writing

PSS Enterprises Technical Writing Department completes all work on time and on all writing projects has an impeccable timetable for accountability and effectiveness. PSS Enterprises also knows the time and effort it takes for solid research and development and we include this is our standard pricing. We understand not everyone has the time or expertise to complete these vital documents. Call today for a free consultation and quote.
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