The 3 Most Important Services to Look for in a Managed IT Company.

Call it a sign of the times. A cultural phenomenon. Generation Y’s need for instant gratification. There are many phrases that could describe why more and more companies are outsourcing their IT departments. The basic facts remain that outsourcing offers more (combined) experience, better response times, and cutting edge solutions at a fraction of the cost of a singular or on-site team of IT pros. I recently sat down with Phillip, the Lead Tech for PSS Enterprises, a new, up & coming Managed IT company based out of Denton, Texas. We discussed what we think are the 3 most important services you should expect from an outsourced IT company.

Remote Technical Support- This is the ability for a service tech to log into your computer from any location you are at to assist you. Phillip explains that his company has clients all over the U.S. No matter where his client may be, he has the ability to log into the machine, whether it is a laptop, PC, or server, to assist them from his office in Denton, TX. This cuts travel time, increases response time, and ultimately decreases productivity downtime. If your IT department cannot assist you no matter where you are, you might want to look a little closer at what they can do for you.

Innovative Solutions- Often times a managed IT company has certain services that they offer to the customer in tiers. Tier one will be simple support, like installing the new fax machine, or troubleshooting email issues. Tier two will be more complex, like integrating new software on an existing server. Tier three are major tasks, like setting and configuring networks, mass data integration, or new operating systems. These tidy packages often outline the services you can expect, and often the consumer is unaware of all the other IT related services they are missing out on. Phillip tells me that PSS Enterprises doesn’t offer tier services because it limits what he can do for his customers, so they offer “Power-Paks”. These “Power-Paks” are bundled hours of service based on quantities of time. This means that any IT issue that PSS Enterprises client has, no matter the size, it is encompassed in the “Power-Pak”.

Shared Vision- This is a unique term to describe what Phillip calls, a “visionary relationship” with his clients. Phillip explains to me that when a new or potential client approaches PSS Enterprises with technical issues, they will assist and resolve whatever the pressing IT issue is, but then take the time after the resolution to get to know the client and their business better. Often meeting with the owner, Phillip and his team take the time to get to know the client business inside and out. “PSS Enterprises prides itself in their ability to incorporate cutting edge technology solutions that increases or exceeds the speed in which their client can reach their goals.” He also states that many companies just don’t know what is out on the market today and is often skeptical of a “internet answer” to a technolgy issue. Phillip tells me that often PSS Enterprises’ clients are searching for a quick fix to a technical issue, and after working with them, come out with a completely customized solution. PSS Enterprises partners with several trustworthy software, hardware, and unified communication companies to offer a wide range of solutions to their arsenal.

Overall, when looking for an outsourced technical support company, look carefully at all the company has to offer. Check to see what is considered “in-scope” or “out-of-scope”, read the service level agreement carefully, and ask lots of questions. You will be able to tell shortly if that IT company will suit your needs or not. Keep in mind that it is often the little extras that make the relationship with your IT company worthwhile. Do they have your companies best interest as a priority or are you just another ticket in their holding que? Be a wise and informed consumer, and you will get more bang for your buck when it comes to IT services.

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