Unified Communications in Denton, Texas

How can unified communications help develop a business? What is “unified communications” and what all does it encompass?  We would like to take a moment to clarify a term that is becoming more commonly used in today’s workplace, and how it effects you, the end user.
Unified communications, or UC, was created to streamline the communications process. Traditionally, the user had 2 forms of communication, the phone and the computer.  With technology advancing as quickly as it has, the user has multiple facets of communication.  Phone boxes (PBX), VoIP (voice over Internet protocol), Cellular, land lines, data line, email, faxes, and we could just keep listing ways that one person could communicate with another.  Lets take this to the next level.  How do you combine all of the ways to communicate and make it easy to use?  How does that help anyone? Ask yourself these questions:
  • Are you limited by what you can do outside of your office?
  • Would you like to be able to access your desktop from anywhere?
  • Would you like all your calls that go to your office come to your cell phone when you are not in the office?
  • Would it be easier to check your voicemail if it was in an email?
  • How would you like to be able to access any document from any computer?
  • Do you want your faxes to come to your email as an attachment rather than waste paper resources on the fax machine?
 Let’s look at the responses to these questions.  Are you limited by what you can do outside of your office?  What happens when you are sick and have to stay home?  Are you missing a whole day or two of productivity because your desktop is at work?  With UC, you can work from home, your car, the mall-where ever you may be, as long as you have access to the Internet. This leads to question two, would you like to access your desktop from anywhere?  You can when you have simplified the communications process.  What about when you are on the road?  Your potential client probably doesn’t have your personal cell phone number, so how do you not miss their phone call? With UC, you can still get the phone call even though you are not in the office, and you can even get advanced caller identification on all your calls no matter where you are.  And wouldn’t it be great to access any document from any computer?  Besides carrying a handful of USB Flash drives, you can utilize cloud computing with UC.  This means all your documents are stored and accessed via the Internet. What about faxes?  Wasting paper on junk faxes, and even using a fax is starting to become obsolete.  With UC you can go green (paperless) and get all faxes via email.  Need to send a fax?  Scan and send it as an email instead.  This saves time and resources and we all need to do that. Using UC can help expand your client database, video conference, and manage your time effectively.
Unified Communications is designed to make your current communication process more efficient.  You need to streamline all the forms of communication that you use on a daily basis into an easy to use mobile application.  It is possible to remain cost effective and efficient at the same time. We can show you how.
Call PSS Enterprises today. 1-800-285-2448.
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Computer Support in Denton,TX

For those of you who don’t know, there is a new kid on the block. Or if you want to be technical, the square. PSS Enterprises has moved to the Historic Square in Denton, Texas. We offer the same great services we always have, and some new services, too. Please allow me to elaborate on the solutions we offer.

Technical Support and Information Technology (IT) Consulting
A growing business decides that they have outworked and exhausted current technologies and need newer, faster, and more current technology to get to the next level, but don’t know what to do or how to get there. That is where PSS Enterprises steps in. We take a current assessment of technology on location, and then we take the time to get to know your business. We ask lots of questions from the executives to the ground floor. We restate and verbally rebuild your company to make sure we understand what your needs are. Then we take this knowledge and we get to work. We always present a customized solution to every client complete with cost and benefit analysis. Because just like fingerprints, no two businesses are alike. So now you have the latest and greatest solution provided in a cost effective manner, now what? You might need technical support. Someone doesn’t understand or needs training, or they have technical issues with the new software. We cover all of it. Seeing our customers needs being met is our number one priority. Just recently one of our clients was telling a tech how much they hated the phone system they were currently using. Our tech asked questions about what it was they didn’t like, and what would be better about the system. Within a day we proposed a new phone system, Response Point, and showed all the attributes, cost effectiveness, and numerous features. They loved it! And as a growing business, they were so happy that they could add more lines without having to spend an outrageous amount of money. Are we phone system retailers? No, we are solutions specialists. We offer solutions to your problems.

Human Resources
Our HR Consulting department is one of the best. Years of experience that span over several sized companies means our Solution Specialists have seen it all. From home-based business to the corporate level, we can offer solutions to human resource issues. File maintenance, OSHA compliance, to mediation, we know that HR responsibilities are not always well defined and always a delicate issue. With special attention to data integrity and privacy, we make sure your employee’s sensitive information is never jeopardized. One of our clients called and said that they had employees, but no files and had no clue as to what was supposed to be in them. They were growing from a mom and pop shop to a 10-person operation almost overnight and felt overwhelmed. Our HR specialists went to our clients location, and began to piece together the puzzle that was laid before them. Or what about the workers compensation claim we were handling for one client that went from the paperwork shuffle to an actual hearing? We represented our client and won the case, all due to careful documentation and an expertly written handbook by the HR team. Solutions are what our clients were looking for, and solutions are provided.

Accounts Receivables
It is never pleasant having to ask for money. Our clients often come to us for assistance with customers that they just cannot collect from. We have a process that is proven to work and has done so, time and time again. And when the tried and true process meets the client that just won’t pay, we play hardball. We specialize in mechanics and material-man liens. One of our clients is a counter-top company who installs beautiful granite and marble counter-tops. Their client refused to pay for the counter-tops. We tried every way possible to collect. We made sure that there was no fault of our client, and then we filed a lien on the homeowner. I know that may sound a little harsh, but our client provided a service and increased the value of the home with their product and they deserved to be paid for their services and materials. The homeowner didn’t seem to care that there was a lien filed against them until they tried to sell their home and couldn’t until they paid their debt to our client and we released the lien. Our client asked for a solution, and although it wasn’t overnight, we provided them with their hard earned money.

You see, we could give you examples all day of ways we have helped others, but that is not what we want to do. We want to hear from you. What is bothering you about your business, how you want to see it grow and develop. We want to know what obstacles are keeping you from reaching your goal, and help find ways to overcome them. PSS Enterprises is not about the stuffed shirt consultant in your office trying to exploit the company budget, we are your colleague, co-worker, and confidant. Call us today, tell us what is going on. We love to listen.

PSS Enterprises
121 W.Hickory St. Suite 201
Denton, TX 76201


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Tech Support or Help Desk?

  • What do you do when you computer starts acting weird?
  • Is your computer running too slowly?
  • Is your email disappearing before your eyes?
  • What do you do?

If you are at work, who do you talk to about this? Do you have a phone number of a person you are supposed to call? Do you need technical support or do you need the help desk? How do you know?

According to SearchCRM.com, Help Desk is: in a business enterprise, a help desk is a place that a user of information technology can call to get help with a problem. In many companies, a help desk is simply one person with a phone number and a more or less organized idea of how to handle the problems that come in. In larger companies, a help desk may consist of a group of experts using software to help track the status of problems and other special software to help analyze problems (for example, the status of a company’s telecommunications network).

Wikipedia says technical support (also tech support) is: a range of services providing assistance with technology products such as mobile phones, televisions, computers, or other electronic or mechanical goods. In general, technical support services attempt to help the user solve specific problems with a product—rather than providing training, customization, or other support services. (At PSS Enterprises, we like to think that instead of “rather” it should be “including”.)

For too long, we have been exposed to someone else’s definitions of technical assistance, whether it is your boss, the guy down the hall or the intern in your office. The bottom line is that you need your computer, mobile, laptop, and other technical tool to work so that you can do your work. Whether you call the help desk or get tech support, you need your issues resolved quickly and efficently. These days, a unfunctional PC or laptop means down time for the company. This means that every minute spent not being productive is literally hitting the bottom line. Did you miss a great sales opportunity because your email is down? What about the presentation that you spent all week working on, and now you can’t find it anywhere on your system? Call it tech support or help desk, either way you have issues with your technology that need resolution. Who cares what you call it as long as it gets done?

PSS Enterprises offers a top of the line technical support team. With just one phone call, you will have an expert technican logged into your computer, server, or phone system to resolve your issues and provide you with a solution in real time. They utilize remote technology so that you do not have to wait for the “geek team” to load up in their funny car and drive to your location. Simply a phone call and typing in a simple URL will get you back to funtional in no time. Their office is located in Denton, Texas, but they have the technical ability to assist anyone, anywhere.

Even if you don’t have a pressing technical issue, what else can PSS Enterprises do for you?

  • Would you like an IT forecast and budget for the next year, 3 years, and 5 years?
  • Are you ready to go green and reduce paper in your workspace?
  • It is possible that you are ready for a more efficent, more effective office enviroment?

Take a moment to assess your current technology.

  • What does it say about you and your company?
  • Are you telling the world that your have the equipment and tools to handle your customers effectively or are you just trucking uphill, praying that the memory, bubble gum and scotch tape will do the trick just a little longer?
  • Are your receptionists and customer service employees dropping hints (or just telling you) that your current phone systems is outdated and hard to use?

Take a look at where you are and where you want to be. What do you need? Help Desk or Technical Support? Call PSS Enterprises today, and get your customized solution.

PSS Enterprises
121 W. Hickory St.
Denton TX, 76201

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4 Ways to Reduce Risk in Small Business

As a business owner, we all realize that risk is something that is ever present.  We have to evaluate constantly if we need to take the plunge in order to improve out current standings. Often we find the call to temptation so strong that is supersedes our common sense.  Here are 4 great common sense ways to minimize risk with your business.
Rent-Depending on what you do, you should probably rent your office space.  Locking your company or worse your personal name into a mortgage (other than your home) is downright scary.  One never knows what tomorrow may bring, and renting allows for a cheaper if not a quicker out.
Buy Used-No one said you had to buy the newest and best.  Cars, heavy machinery, and big ticket items like furniture should be bought used when possible.  Definitely make sure it is a reputable source, but who can really tell between a gently used copier and a brand new one. Ask yourself, “Who am I trying to impress?”.  Unless your clients are complete snobs, you should go used. 
Pay Cash- There is no buying power better than the almighty dollar.  Waving cold hard cash under the nose of a salesman has interesting effects on them.  Lower prices, better negotiation, and the power walking out on a sure sale will certainly help salespeople see things your way.  Not to mention, credit cards are like paying with cash, only you pay the amount of the item you purchased plus 18%.  Cash is king.  
Outsource- When possible, use someone’s expertise besides your own.  Why tangle yourself into unnecessary employees?  Not only will you have to deal with the “people issues” but you are also stuck with their limited knowledge base, limited network, and costly skills.  By outsourcing key departments like IT, HR, and Bookkeeping, you can save yourself annual salary costs.  Because outsourced work is not typically done full time, you save on all the hours that you are not using with them.  And when you are using them, you are getting the highest level of expertise, instead of relying on your spouse’s sister that is out of work right now to help manage your company.  
This brings me to PSS Enterprises. They are a one stop shop for all of your outsourcing solutions.  They have a stellar cast of consultants who know how to get the job done right the first time.  Their IT staff offers remote technology so that neither of you have to leave the office to get help.  Their HR department has a special division for OSHA compliance. They even offer collection assistance on those hard to collect from customers.  Give them a call today to see how they can help you minimize your risks and maximize your bottom line. 
PSS Enterprises
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