To Hire or Not to Hire the IT Person, that is the Question….

    It is great to see a company growing and developing. With growth and development comes new energy, new ideas, new personnel, and new costs.  It is to easy to get in over ones’ head when it comes to the new personnel and new costs.   Everyone seems to have an opinion on where you should spend that next dollar.  Personnel hires are very tricky as is, let alone an IT hire.  People with IT skills are not to be taken lightly.  Hire someone with a great resume and little practical knowledge and you will be in for a ride.  Hire someone with mediocre resume and skills and you will probably get those same results.  Hire the wrong person and they could mine all your data and leave you with nothing.  A little on the dark side, but it is a possibility.  Or, you could outsource to a Managed IT Company.  Take a moment to compare Hiring versus Outsourcing.
Benefits of outsourcing to a Managed IT company are many.  An IT person brings with them their limited knowledge and networking.  A managed IT company brings with them a whole staff with a considerable depth of knowledge and an extensive network of even more behind the scenes IT people.  So if your one IT person doesn’t know how to take care of a “problem”, he then has to FIND and PAY someone else to take care of the issue. Which brings me to my next point, additional costs.
When you hire someone, you must pay staffing costs.  Training, laptops, smart-phones, insurance, payroll (and their extra costs), certifications, sick time, and personal time are just to name a few. With your Managed IT company, you are not financially responsible for making sure that their staff has the latest and greatest certifications, the newest technology, or the loss of productivity your company feels when the on-staff person is on vacation for 2 weeks and the server is down.   Your managed IT company is there for your around the clock, monitoring your systems, installing updates, all the while transparent to you and your staff. 
Another way to take the cost picture on is to look at it this way.  For a seasoned IT professional (about 5 years) one would normally pay a salary of $60,000.  What are you getting for this $60K?  One person’s knowledge, one person’s network, and a single set of skills that will cost you to expand.  Most managed IT company’s costs are at least half of this (depending on the size of the company) and what do you get for $30,000 or less?  Networking, round the clock service, wealth of experience, and someone who will always answer the phone.  Why not pay half the price for a team of experts?
One last thing I should mention about IT people.  They get bored easily.  If they are not challenged with something new everyday, they will find something else to do.  Whether that spells out to a new job or taking on “side-jobs” while they are working for you, you can bet that they do not have your company’s best interest at heart.  Not to say they are ALL like that, but you are certainly rolling the dice.
To ensure that you do not have “Hire-Regret” take a good look at why you want someone on staff, especially full time. Make a list of tasks and goals that you want accomplished and then ask yourself, is it worth the time, additional costs, and worry to have someone on-site full time. Wouldn’t you rather have someone you can call on as needed, someone you know is working on your task list behind the scenes?  Rest assured that a complete managed IT company will focus on your IT budget, vendor relationships, network monitoring, disaster recovery, knowledge-based management, and overall well being of the company.  So ask yourself, to hire and regret, or to outsource to PSS Enterprises, the best one stop shop for IT management?
PSS Enterprises
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