Human Resource Clouds?

It’s 6:15 a.m. on a Wednesday and you are checking your email while drinking your morning coffee.  You see one titled “I won’t be in tomorrow :(“. As a business owner you can only guess from which of your stellar cast of employees you will have to suffer without today.  It is from your Human Resource department, they have a child who began to become ill last night and their spouse is out of town and have no one else to stay with their sick child.  Then it dawns on you that TODAY is the day that all the open enrollment benefits must be processed in order for your employees to continue or change coverage of their medical benefits.  You skim through the rest of the email that reiterates the epiphany that you just had.  Your HR manager suggests that you scan the employee paperwork, email it, and she will take care of the rest.  You call, wincing because of the hour, but you have to know how your employee can work from home without you having to buy expensive software or hardware or whatever technical gadget that all your employees seem to hit you up for.  

    The early morning call is answered on the first ring (no brain-er) and a whispered, “Hello, Did you get my email? I am so sorry and the timing on this stinks so bad.”  After a quick briefing of all the physical ailments all parties involved she asks if you can scan the employee paperwork.  She tells you where on her desk to locate the paperwork and how to scan it properly.  Slowly a light shines brighter in your mind and you ask her, “Uh, are we really supposed to scan and send employees personal information including their social security numbers and all that sensitive data over the Internet?”  A long pause is followed by “Crap. Your right, we have no right to do that with our employee data.  What are we going to do?”
You then ask how it was she was planning on entering all that data anyways.  She starts a spiel about some kind of “cloud” thing that allows her to see the same documents that she uses at work at any computer, no matter where she is.  This intrigues you, and you start asking more questions.  But she just doesn’t have enough answers for you and she suggests speaking to the IT department that you outsource all of the tech stuff too. She suggested that you tell them the predicament that you are in, and maybe that they have a solution that doesn’t jeopardize your employees sensitive data.  You get off the phone with her and you dial 1-800-285-2448 and don’t worry that it is early in the morning because they are a 24/7 operation.  You spill your guts and they tell you…..
What?  You want to know how it turns out?  Call 1-800-285-2448 and we will tell you. 
PSS Enterprises
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