Intelligate IP PBX Telephone System


Aastra Telecom PBX is the leading supplier of advanced telecommunications systems..


This system offers a complete range of telephone and switching options in a flexible, future friendly, usable communication platform. With a wide range of complementary corded and cordless terminals, the Ascotel IntelliGate system is the preferred choice for many customers.


The IntelliGate IP PBX Business Telephone System range provides and extensive range of system features ideally suited to today’s business. IntelliGate offers full Voice over IP capability for networking multiple offices across the WAN and also offers a highly cost effective home-working solution with the Ascotel Office 35IP providing extensive desktop flexibility for the remote workforce. This is perfect for those who telecommute, or those on the road often.  This also can double as a benefit for employers whose employees must work from home temporarily due to illness, disability, or other personal reason.


IntelliGate is entirely scalable, matching whatever the size of your business or communications requirements, with wide ranging system options and simple expansion, your system can easily grow with your needs. Based on the very latest standards, the IntelliGate IP PBX range has been designed to offer a full suite of integrated voice and data options to small and medium sized companies, branch offices and home workers.


Experience the award winning style of Intelligate handsets, the ultimate in calling comfort at the touch of a key. With Aastra’s 5 wonderful choices, we offer: Office 10, Office 25, Office 35, Office 45 and the cordless Office 135.  You will enjoy all of the benefits of digital telecommunications without the hassle of reference to tedious user manuals. The easy to use ‘Fox key’ button and interactive display give you access to state-of -the-art technology and a host of system functions and features.


HQ’s / Offices / Branches

The range of IntelliGate PBX systems are fully IP capable, ensuring that you can take full advantage of the latest advances in voice and data integration both now and in the future. Network your various offices and sites together and enjoy the full benefits of centralized communications and potential significant long-distance cost savings provided by Voice over IP.


Ascotel IntelliGate CTI Applications


Here are a few of the essential conveniences that Aastra offers:


• Aastra Call Manager – Intelligent and highly functional screen phone that include options like; operator console, ACD and server functionality


• SmartConnect- enables inbound and outbound calls to interface with a large range of popular business databases and applications.



• Office 1600 IP Screenphone – IP based screenphone for on-site and remote office / home-worker based ..telephony applications.



• Call Manager – PC based telephony applications (CTI) with every IntelliGate system


The new Ascotel IntelliGate version 6.2 provides Call Manager with every system. This provides free screenbased telephony applications and Open Interfaces Platform that opens up the opportunity for new 3rd party CTI and system applications. These include new screenbased operator console options, ACD Call Manager for small call centers, user groups, and the new Office 1600IP screenphone.


This means a FREE PC based ScreenPhone for every extension user, programmable to suit your needs!!


Here are some more details on the 5 different versions of the phone itself.


Office 135/135Pro brings a new dimension of mobility to your business. The DECT telephone meets all cordless telecommunications needs in the best possible way. Small, easy to handle, robust, stylish and user-friendly, it features an extremely long standby time and a hands free function with adjustable volume. The Office 135 increases your ability to stay in touch throughout the home or business premises.


Office 155 Pro – Splash proof & shock resistant, it combines state of the art technology providing all of the features of the Office 130 Pro with a truly robust design for industrial applications. The 155 Pro is dust and splash proof and can be even be supplied as the special intrinsically safe 150EEx version for use in environments where there is a danger of explosions.


Office 135 DECT gets your telephony moving

The Office 135 increases mobility throughout your premises. Reception and voice quality is always first-class, thanks to DECT technology with seamless handover from one radio cell to another.  The Office 135 also lets you enjoy all the benefits of digital ISDN telecommunications on the move. That goes for the special features of the Ascotel system, too, from team calls to text messaging.


Additional Features of Office 135pro and 155 Pro

• The Office 135 and 155 Pro models provide the added functionality of vibrate call alert for noisy environments. 

• There is also a headset port that is standard in all Pro models, and the 135 Pro accepts any mobile phone type headset that uses a standard audio jack plug. The 155 Pro has an optional dedicated headset. 

• The Office 135 comes with a powerful battery and offers an above-average operating time of 120 hours standby and 12 hours talk time. 

• A unique feature of the cordless Office 135 is the hands-free function, which can be used either when on the base station or on the move. This leaves both hands free to make notes or leaf through files during a call

• At the touch of a key you can also adjust the volume, a very handy feature for listening to voice mails.


• Foxkey offers intuitive operation-Similar to the other members of the Office family, the Office 135 features an ingenious Foxkey. Together with the interactive graphical display, this makes for extremely user-friendly operation, with no need to wade through hefty user manuals. All the functions can be activated with one-hand.



• Backlight, graphic display-Besides the numbers of incoming or outgoing calls and menu texts, the display also shows text messages which have been sent to the cordless telephone. Even in dark rooms or at night.

• .Twinmode and “Take” functions-With the Office 135 you can be at your desk even when on the move: The Office desktop set automatically switches to your Office 135 cordless when it is removed from the charger base and vice-versa. And the “Take” function allows you to switch from the Office desktop to the Office 135 cordless during a call, without interruption, at the touch of a single key. Also, “Twin Comfort” mode synchronizes the phone books and call lists of twinned phones.

• Compact and lightweight-The stylish Office 135 measures only 135 x 45 x 20 mm and weighs a mere 130 grams. Two models of the cordless set is available in two versions: the basic Office 135, and the advanced-feature Office 135 Pro with additional features such as “vibracall”, headset connection, mains charging unit and backlit keypad. Large range of accessories The Office 135 and 135pro feature a complete range of accessories, from headset to leather case.



Unified Messaging is the ideal advanced communications solution for full messaging support when used in conjunction with the Ascotel IntelliGate IP PBX range.

By performing automatic routine telecommunications tasks, it saves you time and money. By managing all voice messages, the system includes the option to handle fax distribution and to integrate all messaging (voice, fax and email) into a single Inbox at the user’s desktop PC or NT workstation. This can be through Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes, putting the user in complete control. The Unified Messaging operates on a dedicated server platform ensuring full integration with the existing LAN infrastructure, independent of the current operating system.


The benefits of Unified Messaging with IntelliGate:

• Improved customer satisfaction through ..better communication

• Manage voice, email and fax with one “inbox”

• Prioritize all incoming messages

• Control messages, even when on the road

• Remote forwarding and retrieval and ..response to voice fax and email

• Saves time and cost


Unified Messaging functions:

• Full automated attendant

• Voicemail, fax and email integration into either Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes (V5.0)

• Compatible with Exchange server

• Voice playback (text to speech) of email messages with option to send voice reply as email an attachment

• Forward emails as standard wav files to remote users


Overall, this powerful tool will and should become an asset to any firm.  With minimal cost and installation and support included this dynamic package is a must have for any company that is growing and keeping up with current IT trends. 


Contact PSS Enterprises today to see how the Aastra Phone System can be customized to fit your companies’ needs.


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