Top Ten Reasons To Use Windows Small Business Server 2008

Top Ten Reasons To Use Windows Small Business Server 2008



Windows® Small Business Server 2008 (SBS 2008) is an integrated server solution that helps you protect your business data, increase productivity, and present a more professional image to customers. Windows Small Business Server 2008 delivers enterprise-class technologies for data backup and restore,

e-mail, remote access, file and printer sharing, internal Web sites, and support for mobile devices—in one fully integrated solution.



1. Get a comprehensive, all-in-one solution.


Windows Small Business Server 2008 takes the guesswork out of selecting software for your network. It brings together the Microsoft® product technologies that businesses need most into a single solution. These technologies are integrated into one product, making it easy for PSS Enterprises to install and manage.



2. Stay connected to your customers, vendors, and suppliers.


With access to contacts, appointments, and files from any Internet-connected PC or mobile device, you can be responsive to customers, vendors, and suppliers even when you’re not in the office.


• Access the facts you need, in real time.

• Respond to customer inquiries more quickly and accurately.

• Stay connected while on the road with remote access capabilities from a Windows Mobile® phone.



3. Protect your business and prevent data loss.


Windows Small Business Server 2008 helps protect your vital business information from loss by backing up the data on your network, and enabling you to recover accidentally deleted files. SBS 2008 also enables you to recover data on your network in the event of disaster. With easy-to-use interfaces, you or your IT consultant gain better control of your data, PCs, and network.



4. Access business information and resources


from virtually anywhere at any time. Be productive whether you’re out of the office, at home, or on the road. Windows Small Business Server 2008 gives you secure access to business contacts, calendars, e-mail, files, your desktop, and even shared resources from any Internet connected PC, from virtually anywhere at any time.



5. Increase your business capacity.


Streamline business processes and improve day-to-day efficiency with Windows Small Business Server 2008. It helps automate daily processes by providing a central repository for storing and sharing information more easily—and helps simplify communications with familiar Microsoft technologies.



6. Stay safe with anti-spam and antivirus protection.


Windows Small Business Server 2008 offers anti-spam and antivirus technologies to help protect your business information and your intellectual property from malicious attacks, viruses, and spam.



7. Keep your network healthy and up-to-date.


Windows Small Business Server 2008 provides you with the latest updates to minimize downtime and help ensure network health by keeping your PCs and servers current. Easy-to-read “green check” reports give you a quick view of Microsoft software updates, PC and server status, antivirus status, and backup progress.



8. Take advantage of powerful technologies designed and priced for small business.


Windows Small Business Server 2008 includes multiple technologies optimized specifically for small businesses at an affordable price. It enables you to share resources and equipment, such as Internet access, printers, and fax machines, so you get the most value from your technology investment.



9. Get the flexibility and scalability you need.


As your business needs change, Windows Small Business Server 2008 enables you to grow. You can easily add users, servers, and applications. It supports your critical line of business applications and is designed to integrate with your existing Microsoft technology.



10. Create a bigger presence in the market.


Differentiate your business and present a more professional image to prospects and customers. Windows Small Business Server 2008 offers e-mail marketing capabilities, business Web sites, and tools for creating your own Web site.




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PSS Enterprises


Learn about Windows Small Business Server 2008 features and benefits.


Discover how Windows Small Business Server 2008 is designed and priced especially for small businesses, so you can improve productivity and help protect your vital business information.

  • Affordable, Integrated Solution
  • Protect Your Business Data
  • Grow Your Business Capacity

Affordable, Integrated Solution

Windows Small Business Server 2008 is designed for small businesses. It is designed to work with existing technology, build on Microsoft best practices, and deliver a comprehensive network at an affordable price.


Affordable, Integrated Solution

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  • Have virtually anytime, anywhere access to your business desktop, including e-mail, files, business applications, and more.

  • Share resources and equipment, such as Internet access, printers, and fax machines, to get the most value from your technology investments.

  • Enjoy compatibility and scalability. As your business needs change, Windows Small Business Server 2008 can change with you—easily add users, servers, and applications, or expand into other Microsoft technologies.

  • Work more efficiently and add more value to your business with an integrated administrative console.

  • Work confidently with a top performing network based on Windows Server 2008 technologies.


Protect Your Business Data

Windows Small Business Server 2008 helps protect your vital business information from loss, by backing up the data on your network and helping enable you to recover accidentally deleted files.


Protect Your Business Data

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  • Use antivirus and anti-spam protection to help protect your information from malicious attacks, viruses, and spam.

  • Keep your computers and servers current and your network healthy and up to date with the latest updates.

  • Get better control over your business and business information with daily and weekly reports alerting you on the health and security of your technology. A single administrative console gives you or your IT consultant a daily view of PCs and servers and makes it easier to manage common IT tasks.

  • Get an at-a-glance snapshot of the security and health of your PCs and servers from a ‘green check’ report.


Grow Your Business Capacity

Windows Small Business Server 2008 gives you highly secure access to business contacts, calendars, e-mail, files, and other important desktop resources from any Internet-connected computer, virtually anywhere at any time, so you can be productive while you’re away from the office or on the road.


Grow Your Business Capacity

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  • Improve your day-to-day efficiency by using a central repository for storing and sharing information.

  • Connect with customers, vendors, and suppliers easily and professionally, with access to contacts, appointments, and files from any Internet-connected computer or a Windows Mobile–powered smartphone, so you can be responsive even when you are away from the office.

  • Create a bigger business presence with online marketing tools from Microsoft Office Live Services Small Business*, so you can differentiate your business and present a more professional image to your customers.

* To learn more about market and language availability, visit the Editions page.


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PSS Enterprises

PSS Enterprises


·         Accounts payable

·         Accounts receivables

·         Payroll

·         General ledger balancing

·         Invoicing

·         Credit memos

·         Monthly reconciliation

·         Machine/auto depreciation

·         Expense reports

·         Tax exempt forms

·         Create credit applications for companies, complete and reference forms upon request

·         Weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly financial reports

·         Utilize QuickBooks 2003, Navision, Excel 2007

Human Resources

·         All documentation from new employees to employee termination

·         Create or update employee handbook

·         Create employee safety programs

·         Completion and reporting of government forms such as I-9, W-4, TWCC-83

·         Subcontractor agreements

·         Medical, Dental, Vision benefits administration and management

·         Administer 401K programs

·         Manage open enrollment periods

·         Update employee records

·         Disciplinary reporting, files, and processes

·         Worker compensation claims

·         Unemployment claims

·         Child support administration, wage garnishment

·         COBRA administrator, certified

·         Register employee’s with the Texas Attorney General’s office

·         Texas Workforce and Texas Attorney General office administration and company registration

·         Utilize the following resources for Human Resources: Employer E-Services, ADP BenefitsDirect, TWC website, TAG website, HR Expert, EZ HR 2003, Excel 2007



·         Price negotiations

·         Secure pricing contracts

·         Negotiate mass quantity discounts

·         Supply budget projection

·         Forecast purchasing needs, quarterly and annually

·         Purchase requisitions

·         Purchase orders

·         Purchase order reconciliation

·         Monthly inventory counts/reconciliation


·         Overseas procurement

·         Coordination of point to point distribution

·         Shipping local, national, international

·         Ensure compliance of international trade laws and customs

·         Receiving of all inbound materials, quality control of packages

·         Returns as necessary

·         Negotiate contracts with major shipping companies such as Fed-Ex, UPS, DHL, securing the best rates based on shipping needs

·         Utilize Navision, Excel 2007, Maersk Online, US Container Network, LogisticPro

OSHA Compliance

·         Select correct industry requirements as per OSHA

·         Update and complete OSHA 300 Log

·         Update and coordinate OSHA records

·         MSDS Sheets, distribution and locations

·         Create employee safety programs

·         Implement safety programs for employee’s

·         Safety meetings, minutes and coordination

·         Evacuation plans

·         Fire escape routes and location markers

·         Coordinate safety and fire plans with city

·         Secure all permits for alarms, equipment

·         Monthly inspection of all fire extinguishers and water sprinkler systems

·         Utilize OSHA government website for compliance and coordinate with city governments



PSS Enteprises



What we can do thru HR management.
  • Employee File Management
  • HRM (orange) online services
  • Documentation- I-9, W-2, W-4, 1099
  • Sub-Contractor Agreements and Insurance Requirements
  • Benefits Administration
  • COBRA Administration
  • Attendance and Performance Evaluations and Analysis
  • Texas Workers Compensation Claims and Management
  • Mediation and Employee Dispute Resolution
  • Employee Handbooks and Manuals
  • Position Manuals (basically a handbook per position for new employee or sub)
  • E-Verification of Social Security Numbers
  • Commercial Insurance Regulations
  • Fleet Compliance Documentation
  • Drug Testing/Administration
  • Fire and Storm Evacuation Plans
  • Hazard Assessment
  • PPE Evaluation (personal protection equipment)
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Safety Manuals
  • Mock Inspections for OSHA
  • OSHA-300 forms
  • Hearing Conservation Program
  • MSDS and Hazard Material sheets
Services will be billed by the hour based on a quote after assessing the scope of the work or we can base it as a project.  Generally work is done on-site to keep employee information secure and especially if it is an OSHA compliance issue.  Handbooks, manuals, and paperwork jobs can be done off-site.


This is what it says it is.  AR is a collection process for our clients.  We will collect on accounts that have quit paying or no longer pay our clients.  We can offer mechanics or material-man liens when applicable as a part of the collection process.  This means that our client repaired something or installed something of value and then they were not paid for this service or product.  We offer to take care of all the tedious paperwork that is involved with filing a lien against the clients customer as a part of the collection process.  If we cannot get the debtor to pay, then there is no charge to the client and we suggest a write-off to their accounting department after we lodge all applicable complaints and filings.

Human Resource Management…..Punishment or Pleasure?

For those who are responsible for Human Resources, you know what I am talking about, for those of you that have not ever had the “pleasure” of Human Resource work, please allow me to explain.  Your HR manager plays a vital role in your business.  I-9’s, Social Security issues, Workers Compensation benefits, these are just a few of the responsibilities in which they are held accountable.  However, in many small and medium sized businesses, the HR person usually wears more than one hat. They are often also the accounting department, office manager, or owner.  As we all know, wearing multiple hats can lead to a lack of attending to the “less” urgent matters (i.e. HR) 
Human Resources is a highly organized, carefully documented, area of expertise.   In the suit-happy world that we live in today, management of your Human Resource Department should be at the top of the priority list.  One must never be to careful at the wording of their employee handbook, safety manual, or fire/emergency evacuation plan.  To assess if you have handle on your HR department you should ask yourself these questions:
  1. Where are my employee files right now?
  2. What is in my employee’s file? I-9, 1099, W-4, copies of 2 forms of ID, emergency contact information, and benefits paperwork are just standard paperwork that should be in your files at all times.
  3. Absentee records, timekeeping, and disciplinary records- are they kept up to date?
  4. Is your benefits administration information up to date?
  5. What is contained in your employee handbook?  Are you protecting yourself and creating a fair environment for your employees?
  6. Workers Compensation-who handles your paperwork with the state? Who administers your protocol?
  7. OSHA record keeping-if you are industrial, who is your officer and what lines of communication does the officer have with your HR manager?
  8. Is your commercial insurance handled in your HR department? If it is not, it should be.
  9. Are you registered with the new government website to verify your employee’s social security numbers? 
Unfortunately, this is just a scratch in the surface.  No matter the size of the company, Human Resources is a vital area of business.  Your employees deserve to have their information protected and their rights preserved.  At PSS Enterprises, we can make sure this happens.  We will update and organize all your HR information, store employee information in a secure database for easy access.  We can review all handbooks and manuals for gaps in coverage and verify that your business as well as your employees are protected.  PSS Enterprises can create a safety program for those industrial companies that do not have one as well as inform you of all the information you need to have to keep you OSHA compliant.
PSS Enterprises will take care of the details that often slip through the cracks and offer you peace of mind.  Business owners have to consider cost and options when it comes to handling this department.  We assure you that we are timely, efficient, and current on all the latest practices of effective Human Resource Management at a fraction of the cost of employing a full time HR Manager.    Call us at 1-800-285-2448 for an assessment and visit us online at for all the other B2B services that we offer.  If you have a question regarding this post, email us at .